Marcelo Magioli, PhD

Marcelo is researcher at CENAP/ICMBio


Summary of Doctoral research (finished in 2018)

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Eduardo Roberto Alexandrino, PhD


Researcher at INMA. He deals with Citizen Science projects intended to connect people with biodiversity conservation in the Atlantic Forest.

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Fernanda Delborgo Abra, MSc


Summary of Doctoral research

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João Carlos Zecchini Gebin

Summary Project

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Marcel Huijser, PhD

Researcher in Highway Ecology currently linked to the Western Transportation Institute, Montana State University, USA, where he leads a series of projects related to the impacts of road projects on wildlife.

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Rogério Cunha de Paula, PhD

Environmental analyst on CENAP/ICMBio and is

a researcher at Pró-Carnívoros Institute

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Juan Andrés de Domini

Técnico do projeto GEF

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Leticia Prado Munhoes

Summary Project

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Yuri Geraldo Gomes Ribeiro, MSc

Summary of Master research

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