Bichos da ESALQ (ESALQ Animals)

"Bichos da ESALQ” demonstrates to the public the diverse and bundant wildlife that inhabit the “Luiz de Queiroz” Campus and surrounding areas. Simple figures and text makes it accessible to both ESALQ students and general public, presenting the main icons of the wild Fauna of the Campus, highlighting their direct and indirect impacts.


In addition, we discuss current and future research, teaching and socio-environmental management ​strategies for on-campus wildlife.

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Vizinhos Silvestres (Wild Neighbors)

“Vizinhos Silvestres” is an outreach project of the LEMaC group that aims to teach people, using social media and printed materials, how we should behave when encountering wild animals.

From sheltering abandoned young, to which animals can be approached and who should be advised when you see an animal in danger or an aggressive individual. Several species of wild Brazilian fauna will be addressed, highlighting how to interact and care for each species.

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Eu vi uma ave usando pulseiras!?

(Did I see a banded bird!?)


The number of common citizens that contemplate non-captive birds has increased in Brazil since the early-century. Thus, new actors with potential to help researchers in bird monitoring in this country were added.

This project started in 2016 within the intention to assess movement of individual birds in human-modified landscapes through records provided by any citizens. To do so, we banded birds with unique color sequence in some spots in southeast Brazil (forest patches and urban sites).

This project are also assessing citizen’s engagement and identifying in which context this approach is valid (decision for environmental management, conservation plans, ecological studies, human wildlife coexistence). It is a project that bring together scientific investigations and outreach activities.

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Head researcher: Dr. Eduardo R. Alexandrino 

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